GERB / PRB Spool Analysis and Spreader Beam Design (2017) 

A range of spreader beams were required as part of planning for a contingent recovery campaign of 18" spools from the seabed for the Ichthys LNG Project. Linch-pin carried out the design of the spreader beams as well as an analysis for the operability of the vessel crane to perform the operation.


Bass Strait Oil Assets Decommissioning Cost Estimate (2016-2017) 

A number of interested parties are participating in the bidding process for the potential purchase of the Bass Strait Oil Assets. Linch-pin has provided cost estimates and schedules for the future decommissioning of the assets, a key issue of the sale.


Balnaves RTM Clump Weight Recovery System (2016) 

A purpose designed Subsea Clump Weight Recovery System was required to assist in the decommissioning of the Balnaves Riser Turret Mooring. This technically challenging project was delivered to suit the tight offshore removal schedule.


EPRS Lifting and Handling Frames (2015-2016)

Linch-pin developed an innovative, simple, and effective concept for an Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) for Qatar Petroleum to be used in the Arabian Gulf. The design had tight restrictions on frame weights and sizes, whilst also being required to repair pipeline sizes ranging from 12” through to 60” in diameter.


Hejre EPC Naval Architecture Assurance (2016)

Linch-pin were engaged by Dong Energy to carry out assurance activities for the pre-service operations associated with transporting the modules and integrated deck of the Hejre facilities from South Korea to the North Sea.


Dropped Object Simulation

Linch-pin have developed a dropped object trajectory simulation package which predicts in the time domain the 3D motion of objects subjected to time varying buoyancy and hydrodynamic loads.


Naval Architecture Capibility

Linch-pin experience and capability covers the conceptualising, design, execution and ongoing support of marine activities. These include global system performance, complex load transfer operations involving multiple bodies, transportation and installation assessment, and the design of floating systems.


Subsea Chain Puller (2014 - 2015) 

Linch-pin developed the decommissioning concept for the removal of the NCC Buoy.  The concept involved the use of Linch-pin’s proprietary Subsea Chain Puller to remove tension from the buoy tethers prior to cutting them.


Mooring System Design and Installation

Linch-pin has extensive experience with the design and installation of both temporary and permanent mooring systems, for offshore facilities such as FPSOs, FSOs, MODUs, derrick barges, cargo barges and for near-shore and quayside activities.


East Spar Decommissioning - GBS Analysis (2014 - 2015) 

Linch-pin developed the decommissioning concept for the removal of the East Spar facilities. The existing Gravity Base Structure (GBS) was used to restrain the buoy during the removal operation.


Thevenard Island Retirement (2012-2015)

In considering its options for the retirement of the TVI facilities, Chevron engaged the services of Linch-pin prior to the first framing session in Phase 1 of the Chevron Project Development and Execution Process (CPDEP).


BioWave Installation Analysis (2015)

The bioWAVE is an innovative, clean energy solution being developed for utility-scale power production from ocean waves by BioPower Systems. A 250 kW bioWAVE pilot project was constructed and installed in 2015.


Galoc Field Decommissioning Study (2015)

As part of this project, Linch-pin developed concepts for the plugging and abandonment of all subsea wells and for the removal / abandonment of the subsea facilities.


Transport & Installation Engineering

The Linch-pin structural and installation engineering team has the experience and expertise to assist clients throughout the T&I process, from concept through to execution.


Marine Coordination

Linch-pin has provided marine and installation management support during many major offshore construction campaigns.


Personnel Transfer System

Linch-pin assists Ampelmann and offers its structural and installation engineering expertise in providing practical methods of supporting and seafastening the gangway system to vessel decks and providing stair tower access for personnel staging areas.


CarbonNet Appraisal Well Cost Estimate (2014)

The CarbonNet Project is investigating the potential for establishing a world class, large scale, multi-user carbon capture and storage network in Victoria’s Gippsland region, transporting the CO2 via pipeline and injecting it into deep offshore underground storage.


Gemfish Opportunity (2014)

Nexus Energy was considering the economic merits of drilling the Gemfish prospect. Linch-pin was requested to produce a cost estimate report to upgrade the Patricia Baleen Process Plant to process the Gemfish gas which is prognosed to be 20% C02.


Thevenard Retirement (2013 - 2014) 

The TVI Retirement Project consisted of the removal of 9 wellhead platforms from the North West Shelf of Western Australia. Linch-pin carried out the detailed structural analysis and design for the removal of the platforms using a Heavy Lift Vessel.


Ibhubesi Gas Development (2014) 

Provision of Project Management and Engineering services in the pre-FEED Phase for the Ibhubesi Gas to Power Project in South Africa.


EPRS Subsea Lifting Frame (2014) 

Linch-pin carried out a detailed structural design and analysis for an Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) to be utilised in the Timor Sea.


Balnaves MEFF Decommissioning Study (2014)

KUFPEC Australia engaged Linch-pin to provide expert decommissioning consultancy services to develop concepts for the removal/abandonment of the subsea facilities including P10, P50 and P90 cost estimates and a detailed schedule for all phases of the campaign.


Goodwyn Alpha Drilling Module Removal (2014) 

Linch-pin developed removal options for the GWA drilling modules and providing cost and schedule information in order for WEL to make a considered decision on which option to proceed with.


BHPB Griffin Field Abandonment (2013) 

Linch-pin provided expert decommissioning consultancy services to develop concepts for the abandonment of the subsea facilities.


Ichthys URF In-Line Tee (2013) 

Linch-pin personnel developed a concept for the 18" Production In-Line Tee and carried out the detailed structural engineering design.


CACT Nepsys Support (2013)

CACT was faced with the issue of subsea fatigue cracks in some Jacket joints on a platform in Bohai Bay, China.


Montara WHP H5 Tieback (2012-2013)

Linch-pin supported PTTEP AA with the design (structural, piping, E&I), procurement, fabrication and installation preparations for the tieback of the H5 dry tree to the production manifold on the Montara WHP. This included the preparations of offshore procedures and workpacks.


Montara WHP Commissioning Marine Support (2012)

As part of the Montara Recovery Project, Linch-pin assisted PTTEP during the Montara WHP Commissioning by providing marine, logistics and permitting support including.


Jabiru Decommissioning (2012) 

Linch-pin provided management assistance for the decommissioning and abandonment of the Jabiru Filed locate din the Timor Sea.


Jabiru RTM In-Situ Assessment (2012) 

Linch-pin was invited to model the Jabiru FPSO RTM in 120.9m water depth in the Timor Sea to assess the likely condition of the RTM system post disconnect of the FPSO, and to analyse potential outcomes in terms of intact and single line failed cases, as well as the consequences of buoyancy tank loss of integrity.


Jabiru FPSO & RTM Relocation & Reuse (2012) 

Linch-pin was invited to assess the feasibility of relocating the FPSO Jabiru Venture and its associated mooring system to a new location within the Timor Sea.


Ichthys URF IN-Line Structures (2012) 

Linch-pin personnel lead a multi-discipline team to develop conceptual designs for 10 different In-Line structures on the Ichty's URF project.


Montara Swift Manifold Inspection Campaign (2012)

With only two weeks lead time Linch-pin developed a hydroblast cleaning, visual/ borescope/ UT and RT inspection and a decontamination and preservation methodology for the manifold. Based on these, a detailed budget, schedule and scopes of work were developed.


Launchers and Receivers (2012) 

Following the Montara well blowout, concerns were raised about the potential for accelerated internal corrosion of the carbon steel risers. As part of the Montara WHD Platform Riser Inspection Campaign, Linch-pin was engaged by PTTEP AA to design pig and Ultrasonic Testing (UT) tool launchers and receivers to assist with the riser inspections.


Montara WHP Riser Replacement (2012)

Linch-pin was invited by PTTEP AA to assist them with developing and managing a contingency campaign to prepare for and, if necessary, replace the Montara WHP risers.


Montara WHP Riser Inspection (2012) 

Linch-pin was invited by PTTEP AA to assist in developing and managing an inspection campaign utilising the field located assets.


Montara WHP Hookup and Refurbishment (2012) 

Linch-pin was invited by PTTEP AA to assist them with managing the Montara Recovery Project WHP Hook-up and Refurbishment Campaign.


Subsea Manifolds (2012) 

Linch-pin personnel were seconded into Intecsea to lead a multi-discipline team of Engineers and Draftspeople on the Ichthys URF project. As part of that work a concept design for a 3000t to 4000t Gas Export Riser Base (GERB) in 250 m of water was developed.


Mid Depth Buoys Conceptual Development (2012) 

Intecsea engaged Linch-pin personnel to provide a conceptual design of Mid-Depth buoys for the Ichthys field in 250m of water. The MDBs were required to meet a functional specification for the operator INPEX.


Legendre Decommissioning (2010) 

Linch-pin was invited to assist Apache with the management of the concept select, define and execution stages of the decommissioning and abandonment of the Legendre Field.


Challis Decommissioning (2010) 

Linch-pin assisted PTTEP with the management of the decommissioning and abandonment of the Challis oil production facilities comprising FPSO permanently moored to a Single Anchor Leg Mooring (SALM).


Challis SALM In-situ Assessment (2010) 

Linch-pin produced a hydrodynamic model of the Challis SALM in OrcaFlex to assess the likely condition post disconnect from the FPSO.


Gas Development (2010) 

Detailed front end study to develop a steel, gravity based wellhead platform concept with modular drilling.


Flowline Reel Assessment (2010) 

Linch-pin completed a full condition survey and structural assessment of an 'out-of service' 250t capacity flowline reel.