Naval Architecture

GERB / PRB Spool Analysis and Spreader Beam Design (2017) 

A range of spreader beams were required as part of planning for a contingent recovery campaign of 18" spools from the seabed for the Ichthys LNG Project. Linch-pin carried out the design of the spreader beams as well as an analysis for the operability of the vessel crane to perform the operation.


Hejre EPC Naval Architecture Assurance (2016)

Linch-pin were engaged by Dong Energy to carry out assurance activities for the pre-service operations associated with transporting the modules and integrated deck of the Hejre facilities from South Korea to the North Sea.


Dropped Object Simulation

Linch-pin have developed a dropped object trajectory simulation package which predicts in the time domain the 3D motion of objects subjected to time varying buoyancy and hydrodynamic loads.


Naval Architecture Capability

Linch-pin experience and capability covers the conceptualising, design, execution and ongoing support of marine activities. These include global system performance, complex load transfer operations involving multiple bodies, transportation and installation assessment, and the design of floating systems.


Mooring System Design and Installation

Linch-pin has extensive experience with the design and installation of both temporary and permanent mooring systems, for offshore facilities such as FPSOs, FSOs, MODUs, derrick barges, cargo barges and for near-shore and quayside activities.


BioWave Installation Analysis (2015)

The bioWAVE is an innovative, clean energy solution being developed for utility-scale power production from ocean waves by BioPower Systems. A 250 kW bioWAVE pilot project was constructed and installed in 2015.


Jabiru RTM In-Situ Assessment (2012) 

Linch-pin was invited to model the Jabiru FPSO RTM in 120.9m water depth in the Timor Sea to assess the likely condition of the RTM system post disconnect of the FPSO, and to analyse potential outcomes in terms of intact and single line failed cases, as well as the consequences of buoyancy tank loss of integrity.


Jabiru FPSO & RTM Relocation & Reuse (2012) 

Linch-pin was invited to assess the feasibility of relocating the FPSO Jabiru Venture and its associated mooring system to a new location within the Timor Sea.


Challis SALM In-situ Assessment (2010) 

Linch-pin produced a hydrodynamic model of the Challis SALM in OrcaFlex to assess the likely condition post disconnect from the FPSO.


Gas Development (2010) 

Detailed front end study to develop a steel, gravity based wellhead platform concept with modular drilling.