Installation Engineering

BioWave Installation Analysis (2015)

The bioWAVE is an innovative, clean energy solution being developed for utility-scale power production from ocean waves by BioPower Systems. A 250 kW bioWAVE pilot project was constructed and installed in 2015.


Transport & Installation Engineering

The Linch-pin structural and installation engineering team has the experience and expertise to assist clients throughout the T&I process, from concept through to execution.


Thevenard Retirement (2013 - 2014) 

The TVI Retirement Project consisted of the removal of 9 wellhead platforms from the North West Shelf of Western Australia. Linch-pin carried out the detailed structural analysis and design for the removal of the platforms using a Heavy Lift Vessel.


Montara WHP Commissioning Marine Support (2012)

As part of the Montara Recovery Project, Linch-pin assisted PTTEP during the Montara WHP Commissioning by providing marine, logistics and permitting support including.


Flowline Reel Assessment (2010) 

Linch-pin completed a full condition survey and structural assessment of an 'out-of service' 250t capacity flowline reel.