General Consultancy

Bass Strait Oil Assets Decommissioning Cost Estimate (2016-2017) 

A number of interested parties are participating in the bidding process for the potential purchase of the Bass Strait Oil Assets. Linch-pin has provided cost estimates and schedules for the future decommissioning of the assets, a key issue of the sale.


Dropped Object Simulation

Linch-pin have developed a dropped object trajectory simulation package which predicts in the time domain the 3D motion of objects subjected to time varying buoyancy and hydrodynamic loads.


Naval Architecture Capibility

Linch-pin experience and capability covers the conceptualising, design, execution and ongoing support of marine activities. These include global system performance, complex load transfer operations involving multiple bodies, transportation and installation assessment, and the design of floating systems.


Mooring System Design and Installation

Linch-pin has extensive experience with the design and installation of both temporary and permanent mooring systems, for offshore facilities such as FPSOs, FSOs, MODUs, derrick barges, cargo barges and for near-shore and quayside activities.


Galoc Field Decommissioning Study (2015)

As part of this project, Linch-pin developed concepts for the plugging and abandonment of all subsea wells and for the removal / abandonment of the subsea facilities.


Transport & Installation Engineering

The Linch-pin structural and installation engineering team has the experience and expertise to assist clients throughout the T&I process, from concept through to execution.


Marine Coordination

Linch-pin has provided marine and installation management support during many major offshore construction campaigns.


Personnel Transfer System

Linch-pin assists Ampelmann and offers its structural and installation engineering expertise in providing practical methods of supporting and seafastening the gangway system to vessel decks and providing stair tower access for personnel staging areas.


CarbonNet Appraisal Well Cost Estimate (2014)

The CarbonNet Project is investigating the potential for establishing a world class, large scale, multi-user carbon capture and storage network in Victoria’s Gippsland region, transporting the CO2 via pipeline and injecting it into deep offshore underground storage.


Gemfish Opportunity (2014)

Nexus Energy was considering the economic merits of drilling the Gemfish prospect. Linch-pin was requested to produce a cost estimate report to upgrade the Patricia Baleen Process Plant to process the Gemfish gas which is prognosed to be 20% C02.


Balnaves MEFF Decommissioning Study (2014)

KUFPEC Australia engaged Linch-pin to provide expert decommissioning consultancy services to develop concepts for the removal/abandonment of the subsea facilities including P10, P50 and P90 cost estimates and a detailed schedule for all phases of the campaign.


Goodwyn Alpha Drilling Module Removal (2014) 

Linch-pin developed removal options for the GWA drilling modules and providing cost and schedule information in order for WEL to make a considered decision on which option to proceed with.


BHPB Griffin Field Abandonment (2013) 

Linch-pin provided expert decommissioning consultancy services to develop concepts for the abandonment of the subsea facilities.