Construction Management

Thevenard Island Retirement (2012-2015)

In considering its options for the retirement of the TVI facilities, Chevron engaged the services of Linch-pin prior to the first framing session in Phase 1 of the Chevron Project Development and Execution Process (CPDEP).


Marine Coordination

Linch-pin has provided marine and installation management support during many major offshore construction campaigns.


CACT Nepsys Support (2013)

CACT was faced with the issue of subsea fatigue cracks in some Jacket joints on a platform in Bohai Bay, China.


Montara WHP H5 Tieback (2012-2013)

Linch-pin supported PTTEP AA with the design (structural, piping, E&I), procurement, fabrication and installation preparations for the tieback of the H5 dry tree to the production manifold on the Montara WHP. This included the preparations of offshore procedures and workpacks.


Montara WHP Commissioning Marine Support (2012)

As part of the Montara Recovery Project, Linch-pin assisted PTTEP during the Montara WHP Commissioning by providing marine, logistics and permitting support including.


Jabiru Decommissioning (2012) 

Linch-pin provided management assistance for the decommissioning and abandonment of the Jabiru Filed locate din the Timor Sea.


Montara Swift Manifold Inspection Campaign (2012)

With only two weeks lead time Linch-pin developed a hydroblast cleaning, visual/ borescope/ UT and RT inspection and a decontamination and preservation methodology for the manifold. Based on these, a detailed budget, schedule and scopes of work were developed.


Montara WHP Riser Inspection (2012) 

Linch-pin was invited by PTTEP AA to assist in developing and managing an inspection campaign utilising the field located assets.


Montara WHP Hookup and Refurbishment (2012) 

Linch-pin was invited by PTTEP AA to assist them with managing the Montara Recovery Project WHP Hook-up and Refurbishment Campaign.


Legendre Decommissioning (2010) 

Linch-pin was invited to assist Apache with the management of the concept select, define and execution stages of the decommissioning and abandonment of the Legendre Field.


Challis Decommissioning (2010) 

Linch-pin assisted PTTEP with the management of the decommissioning and abandonment of the Challis oil production facilities comprising FPSO permanently moored to a Single Anchor Leg Mooring (SALM).


Gas Development (2010) 

Detailed front end study to develop a steel, gravity based wellhead platform concept with modular drilling.