Ampelmann has developed a highly sophisticated motion compensated gangway system that allows easy, fast and safe access from a moving vessel to offshore structures, even in high wave conditions. Linch-pin assists Ampelmann and offers its structural and installation engineering expertise in providing practical methods of supporting and seafastening the gangway system to vessel decks and providing stair tower access for personnel staging areas.

Balltec designs, manufactures and tests high integrity mechanical connectors for critical applications in the global oil, gas and renewable energy sectors. Since 2012 Linch-pin has been the Balltec representative for the Australian region.


Coreworx builds integrated project information management software for the world’s engineering and construction projects. Linch-pin has worked with Coreworx since 2012 to assist in providing further opportunities for the application of web based Project Management software systems.


Industry Talent Pool seeks to redress the worsening supply demand balance by offering industry the opportunity to maintain and extend relationships with its most valuable asset: highly trained, skilled and experienced personnel, while helping to satisfy the needs and expectations of an aging population. Linch-pin’s partnership with Industry Talent Pool allows Linch-pin to draw upon a wide range of highly skilled individuals to suit any project requirements.