Interface Management

A key aspect of successful project delivery is the early and rigorous identification of internal and external interfaces, and a disciplined approach to the management of these interfaces to closure. With most large projects involving contractors and suppliers from around the globe, and being multi-disciplined in nature, the key to interface management is the identification of information input/exchange requirements and data or scope shortfalls, and rigorous control over the process of data provision or scope remedy. The earlier data shortfalls or requirements are identified the lower the risk of rework or significant cost or schedule over-run.

Linch-pin’s personnel have been involved with the interface process on a number of projects and can assist Clients in establishing systems for interface management, lead the process of identification of interfaces, and drive the management of interfaces to satisfactory close-out. For larger or more complex projects where numerous interfaces exist across a number of mutually dependent remote work-sites, Linch-pin partners with Coreworx ( to offer collaborative web-based interface management tools and a single system for all interface management activities.