Subsea Engineering

Linch-pin’s range of subsea engineering capability spans specification of permanent equipment (e.g. flowlines, umbilical, fibre optics cable, subsea controls, mooring systems) and package management through delivery, installation and commissioning, as well as design and supply of subsea structures and temporary subsea equipment.

Linch-pin has a practical approach to the design of subsea structures with an emphasis on simplicity of installation and operation. When you are deep under water relying on divers or ROVs to perform every task, then you the last thing you need are complicated operations to be carried out.

Subsea Chain Jack Decommissioning Equipment

Linch-pin’s approach can be seen in two recent projects. One involving the design and fabrication of a 400 t subsea chain jack to decommission a large communications and control buoy. The other being the design of an Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS). Both projects used simple, yet effective hydraulic operations. The chain jack performed flawlessly to the client’s complete satisfaction and was suggested to be put forward for an innovation award. The EPRS project was awarded to Linch-pin as the client could see how useful the pipeline handling equipment would be for general subsea operations in addition to the EPRS requirement.

EPRS Handling Frame Subsea Equipment

Invariably, any subsea structure has to be installed either by lifting or in-line with a pipeline. Linch-pin is able to combine its hands-on installation experience with its very experienced structural, mechanical, geotechnical and naval architect design team to produce workable solutions to small footprint, light weight, and transportable packages.

Some of the innovative solutions Linch-pin have provided to clients include:

  • Bespoke subsea hydraulic equipment.
  • Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems for up to 60” diameter pipelines.
  • In-line PLETs, PLEMs and Tees.
  • Large and small Subsea Manifolds.
  • Mid-depth buoys.
  • Complex riser replacement.
  • Complex umbilical failure issues
  • Complex analysis of fibre optic cable installation.