Community Engagement

discussion group by students and teacher observe themThe execution of Linch-pin core business activities has taken us to many places within Australia and abroad, and we have been privileged to experience and learn about different cultures through engagement with local communities. We are very fortunate to have worked with various communities and cultures, and have decided to sponsor a program in Timor Leste in order to further the development of education in that region.DSCN3321

A barrier to education in Timor Leste is the lack of trained and dedicated teachers. We are proud to announce that Linch-pin has funded a Teacher Training scheme at Lebutu School in Timor Leste in May 2014.

first day of training in EBC Lebutu

At Lebutu school, there are 7 teachers who teach 113 students from Grade 1 to 6. With Linch-pin’s support, these teachers participate in competency based professional development so they can be better equipped to teach the next generation.



Due to the success of the Lebutu teacher personal development program, Linch-pin is seeking to renew its sponsorship a second time, with the goal of achieving an ongoing sponsorship. Linch-pin hopes to expand their involvement to include school infrastructure development as well as teacher personal development. Linch-pin hopes that through participation in sponsorship programs, we can give children and hence their communities a change to escape poverty.

Mark Lebutu


Linch-pin HR and Recruitment Manager Mark Harford is shown here presenting a cheque and being presented with a Timor “Tais”.